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In a world of scars - scars of pain and struggle, scars of oppression and greed - a torch is held by one who shows us the way to walk - the way of justice and compassion. His scars are the signposts of hope and healing. The ‘gods’ of materialism, power and violence have betrayed us - but in the foolishness of this strange, humble God of peace, whose symbol is a cross, we find the other way - the way of hope and reconciliation.

Produced by Tom Blades at English Valley Music, Hendersonville Tennessee, this album includes well known songs of Garth’s like ‘When Johnny Cash Sang Man in Black’, ‘Strange Weapons’, ‘Where is the Land of Palestine’, ‘Thirty-two Years’, ‘In a Polish Winter’ and ‘Get up and Dance’, and of course ‘Jesus of the Scars’, a poem by Edward Shillito written after the end of the first world war.


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