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Savour Life

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Savour Life


Savour Life from KEITH SADLER

Recorded Live at the John Peel Centre

‘Keith’s such a great artist to sit and listen to, each of his songs is filled with emotion and has a message, not like a lot of modern music that is soullessly manufactured. Hearing a live album is even more wonderful as there is a raw sound that comes along with the emotion and makes each song have a much bigger impact than if they were recorded in a studio.

When you listen to talented musicians, whether they are relatively unknown or renown the world over, it's the music that reaches you, the moments when you see them perform live that actually reveal whether the talent you love is genuine or comes through sound desk magic. This album really shows that Keith Sadler and his friends are skilled musicians that love playing, from how they play, this album really comes across as a labour of love and I would recommend it to anyone without a moments hesitation.’ - Amazon Reviewer

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