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{Previous} Featured Track: Other People's Lives (Lucy Bunce)

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{Previous} Featured Track: Other People's Lives (Lucy Bunce)


Taken from Lucy's first album with GingerDog, Other People's Lives was our featured track for February 2017 and is no longer available. You can purchase the album here...

Inspiration for the track comes a simple though spoken by Lucy's aunt after someone was passing comment on another person - she pointed out that we haven't walked in other people's shoes and we don't know what's going in their lives...

About the album...
Recording for the first time with GingerDog, Lucy Bunce has once again returned to the studio to lay her unmistakable vocals and harp playing down for all to relish. Featuring an eclectic mix of tracks new and favoured, with hints of folk, jazz and celtic tones, Lucy’s passion for singing songs that tell stories is clearly evident. 

Prior to recording the album, Lucy and her band toured for several months giving it the unique advantage of capturing the spirit of live performance, with the professionalism of a studio album. What’s more, Lucy’s band included both her Dad and brother, making it even more dynamic and special. Lucy and her Dad tour regularly together, but the addition of her brother (the first time they’ve played music together since they were little and sang in the car) was the icing on the cake. Add into the mix Mike, the ridiculously talented wind player, and Kevin, who not only masterfully produced the album, but played keys, bass and percussion and you’ve got a eruption of musicality under one roof (and album).

Recorded in a studio full of love, laughter and joy which is reflected in the music - Lucy’s new album sits perfectly somewhere between the words.

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