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This debut album from the Lucy Cavendish Singers captures life’s joys and sorrows through its unusual mingling of musical genres, a feature of the choir’s vibrant live performances. Sacred and classical pieces are combined with exuberant country and piercingly sorrowful folk, to create a richly textured musical experience. With its mix of intimate small group songs, full choir numbers and instrumental items, Bittersweet builds on the highly successful programmes so popular at the Singers’ live concerts.

1. Big Boned Gal
2. The Lord is My Shepherd
3. Blood and Gold
4. Noches, Noches
5. How Should I Your True Love Know – Traditional
6. Bogoróditse Dévo
7. St Louis Blues
8. I Never Will Marry / White Trash Wedding
9. Remember Me My Deir
10. Cluck Ol' Hen / Old Joe Clarke
11. Wayfaring Stranger
12. Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby
13. Ubi Caritas
14. Margaret's Waltz

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